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MediRite Pharmacies inside Shoprite and Checkers stores meet the growing need for easily accessible and affordable healthcare. Many of our pharmacies are located in supermarkets serving previously disadvantaged areas where there are few medical practitioners and the Group is proud to bring much-needed pharmaceutical services to these customers at low prices.

MediRite gives a challenging and rewarding experience that gives you the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally." – Tumelo Langa: MediRite Pharmacist, Ermelo

Bursary Programme

Because we are committed to improving the future of all South Africans, MediRite offers bursaries for B.Pharm students. On completion of their degrees, bursary holders are then required to do their internship with MediRite after which they need to complete their community service. Bursary holders will then be offered full-time employment within the MediRite group.

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MediRite only employs fully qualified pharmacists so you are guaranteed expert advice and assistance.
  • All our pharmacists are registered with the SA Pharmacy Council
  • Individual service and confidential advice.
  • Pharmacists can advise on all acute and chronic conditions
Knowing the facts about generic versus brand name medicines can help you spend less on costly medication.
  • Generic medicine is a drug defined as a "a drug product that is comparable to brand/reference listed drug product in dosage form, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics, and intended use."
  • Our pharmacists are trained to advise if there is a cheaper, generic medicine available for your prescribed condition. This can save you money
At Medirite, we will conveniently fill your prescriptions while you shop.
  • We have a list of generic medicines for R25 or less. Amongst these generics are suitable substitutes for most cold and flu prescriptions and several other conditions too. Chat to our Pharmacist to see if a suitable generic medication can be used for your condition.
Some of us have to take medicine daily.
  • We charge lower than the government regulated price on chronic and acute medication
  • We send chronic applications to your medical aid. We also update chronic profiles of patients with their medical aids, so it’s hassle free to you the patient.
  • For your convenience, we can fill your prescription while you shop.
Save money with your Medical schemes:
  • We dispense medication for most medical aids in South Africa
  • We are the preferred service provider for the majority of these medical aid schemes
  • Chat to our friendly pharmacist about your medical aid scheme today, and they can advise on how we can help you save on your medical aid.
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