5 Ways To Deal With "Gymtimidation"

Are you hesitant to go to the gym? Does the idea of working out make you uncomfortable? You might be experiencing "gymtimidation." This describes the feeling that someone has when they feel intimidated by either the idea of or the experience of working out in a gym.

There are several reasons why you might feel intimidated at the gym, including not knowing how to use all the equipment, feeling threatened by "gym bunnies," not having a clear workout schedule, needing to ask for assistance or simply being put off by an overcrowded gym. 

These are all valid reasons and many people share the same sentiments, so you’re not alone.

So, how can you overcome these emotions and start working toward your fitness goals with confidence?


Filter out the noise

It may seem like everyone is staring at you as you struggle on the treadmill for the first time. Really though, most people are self-involved. Some are flexing in the mirror, others are also fumbling for the right settings, while most are just focused on their own workouts. Pop in your earphones, turn up the music and forget them.


Keep it simple

Avoid overcomplicating your workout routines. Don't worry about forcing yourself to do things that look complicated, in fact, you don't need them. Keep it simple, there are machines that can help you make great progress.


Get a trainer or buddy to help

The key is to find a workout partner who can teach, be patient and inspire you to reach your goals. Plus, it’s always nice working out with someone for company and the time will fly by!


Draw up a plan

Go to the gym with an idea of what you want to accomplish that day and stick with it. This forward thinking will significantly reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence.


Smile and wave

Relax into the environment. Get to know the regulars and make small talk at the watercooler. By introducing yourself to other gym-goers, you can nurture a much friendlier environment where people are more willing to help each other out and share equipment. You never know - you could find a great gym buddy!


Do what you enjoy

By doing exercises that you like, you'll enjoy working out more. This will increase your motivation to continue and take on more and different activities.


Good to know

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Asking questions is crucial, especially if you’re new to the gym environment. If you see a trainer walking around the gym and you’re not sure of something, just ask, that’s what they’re there for. Ask them how to set up a machine or remove a heavy weight off the machine. You can do this with your fellow gym mates, too. You’d find that generally, people are always willing to help. Be open to this idea.


This article is for informational purposes only. Always check with your doctor or medical practitioner about any health concerns, before embarking on any fitness or nutrition programme, and usage of any medication.