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Tips To Increase Milk Supply

Welcome to the Mom Club where milk is a popular topic! Here’s what you need to know about milk supply for your little one.

What Is Rheumatic Fever?

Rheumatic fever is a serious illness. If you’ve previously had rheumatic fever, you're more likely to get it again if you get strep throat or scarlet fever.

Understanding Mental Illness Triggers

Good mental health is like good physical health – it takes practice, action and consistency. Part of this work is learning how to manage triggers.

Premature Greying: Why It Happens

Premature greying is no fun, but it’s worth knowing why and how it happens. Spoiler alert: genetics play a big role.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a serious health condition that affects many women. Even if you’re not planning on having a baby, it’s worth knowing the symptoms.

Can Medicinal Plants Boost Your Health?

What’s growing in your garden? Some plants may be the tonic for common health problems. Let’s learn more!

5 Benefits Of Maca Root Powder

Superfoods come and go, but maca root has been around for thousands of years. Let’s delve into this little tuber of health goodness.

A Healthy Scalp Can Prevent Hair Loss

We all want healthy, strong hair. Start from the top by taking care of your scalp.

How Long After The Flu Can You Exercise?

For someone with a fear of flying, it can be a draining experience just preparing for the big day. Try these tips to help you overcome this fear.

5 Ways To Deal With "Gymtimidation"

Ready to hit the gym but feeling a little… intimidated? It’s called gymtimidation and it’s real. No worries, check out these tips!

Can Yelling Be Harmful To Your Child?

It’s easy to quickly get your kids in line by shouting and ranting, but this method of discipline can have long-term effects on your child.

Does Your Brain Prefer Working From Home?

Could you work from home forever? It may sound like a dream working scenario, but there are several factors to consider.

What’s Plant-Based Milk All About?

What’s the fuss with alternative milk options and are they as healthy as cow’s milk? Let’s find out.

Pros And Cons Of Intermittent Fasting

It probably seems like every second person has hopped aboard the intermittent fasting trend train. What’s this diet plan all about?

Skin Products You Should Use Before 30

Start taking care of your biggest organ now for smooth, happy and healthy skin in the future!

Learn about skin cancer

Skin cancer can affect anyone, and it’s worth taking care of your skin now to prevent this condition.

How to deal with flying anxiety

For someone with a fear of flying, it can be a draining experience just preparing for the big day. Try these tips to help you overcome this fear.

Health tips for healthy ageing

We all want to grow old gracefully. This means focusing on your health NOW to reap the rewards later.

Why your child should learn a second language

Children are like little sponges. If you want to help them master a new language, start early!

5 things to know about climate change

It’s getting hotter out there: welcome to climate change. Let’s learn more about this phenomenon. 

Cold Myths

Old wives’ tales, myths and fake news are common, especially when we’re talking about colds and flu. Let’s learn more.

Is it possible to be addicted to exercise?

Sounds crazy, but it’s true! Exercise addiction is a thing. It’s worth looking at your exercise habits to ensure you’re not putting your mental and physical health at risk.

Let's talk about energy drinks

Turning to energy drinks for a quick boost is okay in moderation. But, try not to make these beverages an integral part of your diet – certain ingredients can cause unhealthy effects.

5 Ways To Protect Your Heart Health

We have 5 simple and practical tips that can help boost your heart health. Keep this essential muscle strong!

How Germs Spread

Germs are everywhere! How often do you wash your hands? It may not be enough…

5 Simple Ways To Stop Smoking

Make the best decision for your health and stub out that cigarette for good! We’re here to help you take those baby steps.

First Aid For Burns At Home

A first aid kit can be a lifesaver at home, especially if there are little ones around. Here’s what to do in case of a burn emergency.

Poor Sleep And Its Link To Mental Stress

How much sleep do you get each night? Regular sleep is as important as good quality sleep. Let’s learn more.

Salt Is A Silent Killer

How salty are you? Check your salt levels in the foods you eat – your body needs just a tiny bit of salt for daily functioning.

The Importance of Activity for Health

Are you ready to get moving? It’s one of the best things you can do for your body and health.

What is Pre-Menopause?

Let’s normalise talking about menopause and pre-menopause. Here’s what you need to know about this natural stage in a woman’s life.

5 Teas to Drink for Your Health

What’s the tea on tea?

Well, there’s more to this warm beverage than keeping you warm and giving you that feel-good vibe. Tea may help you stave off disease, maintain a healthy weight, ease physical discomfort, and so much more.

5 Tips to Help Your Child Do Their Homework

Ah, the dreaded homework time! Tantrums, tussles, frustration, and headaches. 

And depending on how old your child is, it will be a part of your life for many years to come. As a parent, you always want to help, but academic concepts can get tricky.

Are You Anxious or Depressed?

Certain emotions and feelings may leave you feeling irritable, and give you tension headaches and sleepless nights. Whether you’re feeling anxious or depressed, the symptoms of these two conditions may overlap and mimic one another.

Are You Ready to Live Life Without a Mask

For almost three years, we’ve been talking through a mask, sanitising like crazy, and practising this new concept called “social distancing”. Oh, and we’ve been cooped up at home and becoming paranoid about every cough and sneeze…

5 Things to Know about Flu Season

Winter is coming… and every year, you are at risk of contracting the flu virus, which can knock you out for days.

How to Boost Your Happy Hormones

What brings you joy? Is it your friends and family? Do you feel awesome when you’re outdoors or nibbling your favourite comfort foods?

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the practice of training your mind to concentrate and redirect your thoughts. Meditation is part of everyday life now and has boomed in popularity (especially during these COVID-19 times).

What is Male-Pattern Hair Loss?

Heads up: male-pattern hair loss is common and nothing to be embarrassed of. A bald spot, receding hairline; however, it presents, can start from as early as your late teens or early twenties.

Why You Get Cellulite and How to Treat It

Lumpy or dimpling skin is a sign of cellulite. Cellulite is the name for little pockets of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath your skin.

Is COVID-19 over?

We still don’t know when COVID-19 will officially be “over” – or if it ever will. So if you haven’t yet, get vaccinated and your booster shots.

Run for weight loss

Running is as easy as lacing up your sneakers and hitting the road. If it’s weight loss you’re aiming for, this is a great workout, especially when paired with a healthy diet.

Treating A Head Cold

A head cold will usually resolve after a week or so, but if you experience more serious symptoms, see your doctor.

5 Signs You're Eating Too Much Salt

Excess salt intake can cause many harmful conditions in your body. So use less salt for better health.

5 Ways to Cope After Maternity Leave

Make the most of your maternity leave by taking every opportunity to bond with your baby. It will help you cope when it’s time to go back to work.

Get Abs While Standing

Try these four ab exercises to level up your workouts!

Read a Little Each Day for Your Health

Just 20 minutes of daily reading can reap amazing health benefits for your brain. Try it!

Set Healthy Boundaries with Social Media

We’re not saying you should delete your accounts, but you can take a mindful look at how much time you spend on social media and why… do it for your health.

What Is Eczema And How To Treat It

Chronic eczema can be an itchy pain. Here are a few ways to treat this condition, but do consult your doctor in the case of serious eczema.

Mindful Eating

Food is one of the most important cornerstones of our lives. What are holiday festivities without a feast? Or a birthday without cake? A celebration without a table of treats?

Bring on your fittest YOU!

New year, new fitness goals. What does that look like to you?

Pharmacy Q&A

A day in the life of pharmacist Suzanne August, Mossel Bay. Get to know your friendly MediRite pharmacist!

Skincare in the Sun

Summer’s here and we’re out and about. Which means, our skin is exposed to the damaging rays of the sun. Keep the sunblock handy!

Myths About Positive Thinking

What’s positive thinking really about? It’s certainly not about being fake happy all the time, that’s for sure!

These Foods Make Eating Well Easy & Tasty

When it comes to health and wellness, we're strong believers in the ease of eating well by choosing nutritious ingredients and foods.

Need Workout Inspiration? Try These 3 Tips!

Staying active has a positive impact both physically and on your mental health. If you're finding it harder to get up and get moving, these easy tips might help.

Eating for a Healthy Heart

Good ways to keep your heart healthy involves choosing nutritious ingredients. This recipe calls for omega-rich Salmon for an easy meal.