Healthcare Products are Available in All Checkers & Shoprite Supermarkets of Which 144 Also Have Medirite Pharmacies for Your Convenience

Healthcare in Over 700
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Medirite Pharmacies in 144
Supermarkets Nationwide

Courier Pharmacy

Medirite Courier Pharmacy Service makes it easier for you to receive your monthly prescription - delivered straight to your door, for free.

Health Advice

Explaining diversity to kids

Children are like sponges, they absorb more than you know and have their own unique ways of processing what they absorb.

Are you getting the most from your medical aid?

The cost of living is higher than ever – literally and figuratively – and outside of staying as healthy as possible, what can we do to keep costs down whilst still paying for medical aid?

Pharmacy Q&A

A day in the life of pharmacist Paula Hartmann Get to know your friendly MediRite pharmacist!

Get to know your friendly MediRite pharmacist!