Healthcare Products are Available in All Checkers & Shoprite Supermarkets of Which 144 Also Have Medirite Pharmacies for Your Convenience

Healthcare in Over 700
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Medirite Pharmacies in 144
Supermarkets Nationwide

Courier Pharmacy

Medirite Courier Pharmacy Service makes it easier for you to receive your monthly prescription - delivered straight to your door, for free.

Health Advice

How to be prepared for medical emergencies

An emergency can pop up at any time and it’s smart to always be prepared, as much as possible.

Tips to keep your brain healthy

The human brain is an incredible organ, responsible for everything from processing complex thoughts to helping us remember where we left our keys. As we age, health issues can crop up that cause a decline in cognitive function. Still, there’s a lot we can do to keep the brain ticking along.

Pharmacy Q&A

A day in the life of pharmacist Faith Nel. Get to know your friendly MediRite pharmacist!