Pharmacy Q&A


A day in the life of pharmacist: Mandy Armitage, Medirite Plus Paardevlei, Somerset West

Get to know your friendly Medirite pharmacist!


Q: Tell us a little about your journey from student to pharmacist?

I grew up in Port Alfred, a very small town in the Eastern Cape. After matriculating, I furthered my studies at the University of Port Elizabeth, now known as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. After graduating, I completed my community service and internship in KZN at Port Shepstone Hospital. From there, I moved into retail and soon became a part-owner of a private pharmacy in Shelly Beach. After managing this pharmacy for three years, an opportunity arose for me to return to Port Alfred as the Pharmacy Manager in a unique Public-Private Partnership at both Port Alfred and Settlers Hospitals. This partnership was the first of its kind, where both public and private patients were treated under one roof. After three years managing this setup, we decided to move to the Western Cape, where we settled in Somerset West. I joined the oncology sector and worked as a mixing pharmacist for eleven years with Cancercare. Seeking a new adventure, I accepted an offer from Medirite to return to the retail sector with their flagship Medirite Plus store, incorporating a dispensary, front shop, and baby shop all under the same roof. And here I am.


Q: We are officially in winter, please give us 3 health tips?

It is essential that vulnerable people, such as the elderly, young children and patients with chronic illnesses, are encouraged to get their yearly flu vaccinations to reduce the risk of flu illnesses and hospitalisations. Stay hydrated and eat well. Dress appropriately, with layering being key to staying warm, and practise good hygiene to minimise the spread of germs.


Q: What’s the most fulfilling part of your day?

I am a mom of three very talented young sportsmen who make me proud every minute of every day. At work, the most fulfilling part of my day is assisting patients to the best of my ability and empowering them with knowledge. I hope they are consistently satisfied with the advice I provide, enabling them to make informed decisions and trust me enough to return for further help.


Q: What do most of us get wrong about taking medication?

The most common mistake people make with their medication is not completing the prescribed course. Even if your symptoms improve, you must finish the entire prescribed prescription to ensure the infection is fully eradicated and to prevent antibiotic resistance.


Q: What’s your best Medirite product for staying healthy?

Two products I would highly recommend are Medirite Zinc tablets as well as a multivitamin. These will help patients boost their immune systems and prevent flu symptoms.


Q: What’s the most common query from patients at the pharmacy?

The most common query is often about potential side-effects of medication. Patients are often concerned about how the medication might affect them and want to know what to look out for.


Q: What do you, as a pharmacist, strive for?

Customer satisfaction and trust is what I strive for, and this is what I wish to instil in those around me.