A Day in the life of pharmacist, Chentelle Govender, Medirite Boardwalk.

Get to know your friendly Medirite pharmacist!

Q: Did you always want to be a pharmacist and what are the studies like?

A: I honestly did not want to be a pharmacist when I was choosing possible careers in high school. But now that I am a qualified pharmacist, I don’t regret the path that God has put me on. It’s a profession that is wholesome in the sense that every day is a day you get to help another person. It's a noble profession and I am proud to be part of the pharmacy community.

Q: Which 3 qualities would you say a pharmacist needs most?

I think the most important qualities would be to be knowledgeable, detail-oriented and have a lot of patience, especially in retail.

Q: How do you deal with irate customers?

Patience is key. Personally, I keep my calm and try to listen to the customer. Good customer service is remembering “the customer is always right” and ensuring customer satisfaction. At all times, I try to speak to the customer in a calm tone of voice and come up with a solution to the problem at hand.

Q: What are 3 things that make your day great?

A great cup of coffee to start the day, happy staff in the workplace and the feeling you get after you have made an impact on a patient's healthcare needs.

Q: What are 3 health tips we can all use? 

Personally, I feel your body is your temple and you should worship it to the fullest. So, my top health tips would be: don’t smoke, consume less junk food, hydrate, hydrate and hydrate more.

Q: Some people are hesitant about the Covid vaccine. What advice can you offer? 

I would encourage people who are hesitant to take the vaccine. I would reassure them that even though the vaccines were developed quickly, all measures were taken to ensure safety and efficacy. I would also let them know that the benefits really outweigh the known and potential risks.

Q: With flu season approaching, what can we do to stay healthy?

Firstly, get your flu vaccine at the nearest Medirite to you. Prevention is better than cure. We can really use face masks to our benefit and ensure it is on at all times, especially when in close contact with sick people. Washing your hands regularly is vital. Lastly, boost your immune system with vitamins along with powerful flu-fighting foods.