Food is one of the most important cornerstones of our lives. What are holiday festivities without a feast? Or a birthday without cake? A celebration without a table of treats?

With the great abundance of food and endless choices, it may be easy to slip into overindulging and throw off your weight loss goals. Even if it’s not weight loss you’re after, it’s always a good idea to keep your diet healthy. Healthy food gives us essential nutrients to help prevent illnesses.  

The good news is that there are loads of creative ways to enjoy that slice of cake, while still maintaining healthy eating!

Start on a good note

Kick off your day the healthy way with a good source of protein. The amino acids in protein help to support the liver’s detoxification process. Cereals, croissants, and toast are nice occasionally, but are carb-heavy and usually leave you feeling sluggish within a few hours. Opt for an egg-white omelet or scrambled eggs on a slice of wholegrain toast.

Eat mindfully

Take your time, relax, and enjoy your plate of food. Savour the different flavours and try not to eat in front of the TV where you’re not even paying attention to your food. Mindful eating helps you to be present in the moment, and curbs overeating as you’ll be able to tell when you’re starting to feel full. 

Avoid snacking in between

Maintain your meal schedule as much as possible. Breakfast helps to set the tone of the day, so keep it light and healthy. Keep snacking to a minimum, especially if you’re going to be eating a bigger meal at lunch or supper. Eating at the right times will help lessen the urge to snack.

Make healthy choices

You can indulge while still eating well. It’s all about making good choices. Opt for foods that are high in protein, wholegrains, and nutrient-heavy vegetables. And you’ll still have room for dessert!

Choose your beverages wisely

Juices, sodas, cooldrinks and alcohol are filled with empty calories. Wouldn’t you rather save those calories for a tasty meal? Also, alcohol, beer and cooldrinks can quickly lead to bloating. As much as possible, stick to water. For extra tang, add slices of fruit, cucumber, or mint.

Take a break

When there are big meals involved, take breaks to give your body time to digest your food. Take a small stroll, get up from the table and stretch, but most importantly – listen to your body. Your stomach signals when you’re full, heed the signal.

It’s okay to say no

You don’t have to finish every morsel on your plate or sample every dish at the buffet. There’s no enjoyment in eating everything in sight to the point that you can’t savour the actual food.

Rest well

Aim to get seven to eight hours of good quality sleep to help regulate your appetite hormones. Poor sleep can wreak havoc on your hormones, and lead to overeating.


Enjoying your food doesn’t have to mean overindulging. Take time to appreciate the taste, textures, and flavours. Practise mindful eating and you’ll always leave the table satisfied!


This article is for informational purposes only. Always check with your doctor or medical practitioner about any health concerns, before embarking on any fitness or nutrition programme, and usage of any medication.