Back To School Checklist


Getting your child ready for the new school year can be a hectic and stressful time with everything one needs to prepare. Spending some time beforehand to plan for everything you need will ultimately save you a lot of time and stress, while also making sure your child is well taken care of.

While school supplies differ from school to school and year to year, here is a list of ten of those items that are not always top of mind, but still vitally important.

  1. Does your child AND your child’s school have all of the necessary emergency contact numbers?
  2. Has your child received all of their vaccinations?
  3. Does your child know the safety basics? E.g. don’t talk to strangers, road and pedestrian safety, and what to do in an emergency.
  4. Does you child have any allergies that the school needs to be made aware of?
  5. Is your child’s school aware of any medications he/she needs to take?
  6. Is the medication they need labelled properly and have you checked the expiry date?
  7. Do you have the school’s emergency contact information?
  8. Do you have a healthy school lunch plan?
  9. Has your child been taught the basics of personal hygiene?
  10. Does your child have a good school bag? One that sits comfortably on the shoulders and easily holds everything they need, can help prevent back problems.
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TURBOKIDS SMART OMEGAOmega-3 supplements help children stay focused on the tasks at hand. Be it schoolwork, studying, or even playing sports, everyone performs better when their mind is focused. Omega-3 has also been seen to help improve behaviour and curb hyperactivity.

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CONTROLICE LICE BUSTERLice are one of those school nightmares, and one that can be a nightmare to get rid of too. Catch it quickly and treat it properly with Controlice Lice Buster and you’ll save yourself and your child a lot of pain, irritability and hassle.



SCOTT’S EMULSION COD LIVER OIL High in vitamin A and D, Scott’s Emulsion is also rich in omega-3, calcium and phosphorus. All these are super important when it comes to brain, bone and immune system development and support in children.



GUMMY VITES VITAMIN C TABLETSVitamin C is one of the must-have vitamins. It plays a big role in supporting and boosting children’s immune systems and also helps with fighting flu and colds when they are sick. And remember, flu and colds can happen any time of the year.


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VITAL KIDS STUDY POWER Vital Kids Study Power is packed with omega-3 rich fish oil and phosphatidylserine, which support the needs of children with highly active and demanding school lifestyles. Whether it’s sports time or exam time, this supplement will help keep your child sharp.

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